Thanksgiving and Black Friday are Right Around the Corner!

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are Right Around the Corner!

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If you’ve been in a retail store in the last two months, you’d be tempted to think you are seriously behind in your holiday season planning. It seems like big corporations like to get shoppers to start thinking about the season earlier and earlier each year. But if you haven’t started to think or plan for the holiday season, don’t panic – you have plenty of time.

Thanksgiving is now about a month away, and the holiday and it’s now-famous accompanying holiday, Black Friday, kicks off the official beginning of the fall/winter holiday season. As mentioned earlier, it’s not time to panic, but it probably is time to start planning.

If you’re headed to southeastern Wisconsin to visit friends or family, we think you’ll enjoy your time here. The weather around Thanksgiving is always a toss-up, but there’s plenty to do whether it’s sunny and warm or cold and snowy.

And when you visit family and friends, it’s great to see everyone, but it is also nice to go back to your own space for the night. Staying with others can be stressful, and staying at a hotel can take a big stressor out of your travels.

And when you book a stay with us at Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton, not only will you sleep well at a great price, but you’ll be only a mile or two away from Grafton’s retail shopping hub. You’ll be able to take your pick of just about any kind of Black Friday sale to be had.

So if you’re headed our way, give us a call and book a room with us. We’re always excited about the start of the holiday season, and we’d love to have you be part of what we do best!