It’s Time for a Break!

It’s Time for a Break!

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If you’re from the upper Midwest, you know, perhaps better than anyone, that this time of year just gets long. Plain and simple. Teachers of young children often point to this stretch in the school year as the longest. Kids have been cooped up inside for too long and they just need a break from the monotony of the school year.

Thankfully, the concept of spring break was invented. Whether you have children in school or you work a traditional job, we hope you have a little bit of time off coming up. Even a short break at this point in the year does a great deal to boost everyone’s spirits and get them through until the pleasant summer season.

If you and your kids have some time off coming up – even if it’s just a long weekend surrounding some of the spring holidays – consider planning a last-minute getaway and come see us in the Milwaukee area. With plenty to do here as the weather warms up, you’ll be able to get away on short-notice and without breaking the bank.

And if you do decide to head our way, please consider booking a stay with us at Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton. With our comfortable and affordable rooms, you’ll stay just minutes from all the action and be able to take advantage of as much as you can in a short amount of time.

So for the sake of your sanity, take some time to get away this spring holiday season and come see us at Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton.