Fall into the Most Pleasant Time of Year

Fall into the Most Pleasant Time of Year

hotel for fall getaways in Grafton, Wisconsin

Ah, fall – the time of year many from around here in southeastern Wisconsin would consider the best time of the year. Depending on how far into fall it is, the weather is either pleasantly warm (but not too hot), or pleasantly cool (but not too cold). During early fall, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your favorite summer activities a few last times. If you enjoy golfing on Wisconsin’s world-class courses, for example, early fall is the perfect time to do it. The courses are still lush and green, and the weather for playing is often perfect – warm and sunny, but not too hot.

And as fall moves along, other outdoor activities become ideal. Taking a nature hike during the peak of fall foliage color season is an experience unlike any other. And there is nothing that can beat sitting outside in the crisp, cool, clean fall air at night and enjoying the warm glow of a fire while sipping on hot chocolate or warm apple cider.

If you haven’t experienced fall in our neck of the woods, you’re missing out. Take a look at your schedule in the next couple months and see if there isn’t just a long weekend or a few other days you can get away and come visit us in Wisconsin.

And when you come to visit, be sure to plan days packed with activities in which you can enjoy the perfect weather. Then, be sure you’ll come “home” to a clean and comfortable hotel where you can get a great night’s sleep. At Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton, we’d love to put you up for a few days while you enjoy this truly magical time of year in Wisconsin.