A Cure for the Long Winter

A Cure for the Long Winter

planning summer trips to Wisconsin

It’s the middle of winter, and perhaps, in the United States, that’s nowhere more apparent than in the upper portion of the Midwest. By this time of year, some of the novelty of the winter season is starting to wear off. We’re more likely to call a snowfall “beautiful” in the beginning of December but “an annoyance” by the time the middle of January rolls around.

Take a minute and close your eyes and imagine. Imagine summer. Imagine the pleasantly warm, long days and the fresh air of the outdoors. Imagine heading outside without having to bundle up and put on the snow gear. It’s refreshing, isn’t it?

And while you’re at it, why not start making plans now for summer. As we’ve written before, summers in the Milwaukee area are something special, and perhaps planning a getaway for when the weather warms up is just what you need to lift you out of your winter doldrums. There’s so much to do in southeastern Wisconsin during the summer. Planning now will only give you a leg up on getting to experience everything you want.

And when you start thinking about a visit, don’t forget about great overnight accommodations. At Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton, you’ll get a quiet, clean, and affordable room, but you’ll also be just minutes away from all the action and energy of a Milwaukee summer.

So for the sake of your mood, start planning a trip to our area and let your mind wander off and dream about summer!