Calling an Audible on the Road

Calling an Audible on the Road

flexibility for travel in Grafton, WI

In football, it’s referred to as “calling an audible.” The coach calls a play and the quarterback relays the play call to the rest of the offense. But as the center is about to snap the ball, the quarterback sees something on the field that requires him to change the play. There’s no time on the play clock to stop and consult the coach, so the quarterback quickly calls out a predetermined word that his teammates all know means he’s changing the play on the fly. In essence, the idea of “calling an audible” simply means having flexibility to change on a dime.

When you travel, sometimes it’s important to be able to “call an audible.” Sure, you plan as much as you can ahead of time so things go how you intend, but sometimes there are just things that are unforeseen or out of your control. It’s important for you to be able to be flexible with your plans so the entire trip isn’t derailed.

And we think that your choice in overnight accommodations is critical to helping you “call and audible” if the need arrives. Did weather ruin an event you had planned to attend? When your hotel is just minutes from hundreds of events and activities, you can find something else to do at a moment’s notice. Did you have to extend your trip? If you’re staying at an affordable hotel you can book an extra night without breaking the bank. Did you run into an old friend? You can invite him or her back to your clean and spacious hotel room for a visit.

At Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton, we pride ourselves on being a hotel that offers our guests and visitors a lot of flexibility. Located just minutes from the heart of downtown Milwaukee, you’ll stay near all the action in a quiet and comfortable room at a great value. If you’re headed to southeastern Wisconsin soon, do yourself a favor and book at stay with us!