Business Travelers Know Best

Business Travelers Know Best

Grafton hotel for business travel

If your work requires you to be on the road a lot, chances are you’ve stayed in more hotels in the last year than most people will in an entire decade. Traveling for work can be tough, so getting a good hotel room where you can get a good night’s sleep at the end of a long day or before a big meeting is a must.

At Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton, we love talking to our guests who are business travelers. Not only do they often have fascinating jobs, they also come to us from all over the United States and even from all over the world. They have great stories.

But there’s another reason we really like our business travelers—they have great insight into how we can improve our hotel for all guests. Because business travelers see so many hotels from all over the place, they have great and informed opinions about what they like and dislike in a hotel, and they seem to notice all the details of at stay—even the tiniest of details.

By having conversations with these guests, we’ve been able to make improvements to our hotel and pay attention to the things we know are most important to guests. Their feedback really is invaluable.

So if you’re headed to the Milwaukee area on business soon, give us a call at Comfort Inn & Suites in Grafton and book a stay with us. We think you’ll understand why we’ve gotten such a reputation for being business-traveler friendly.